Why Go Solar?

At SunPulse we take pride in educating homeowners on the benefits of switching to solar power.


Do your part for the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint by generating clean, renewable energy.

Control a variable cost of electricity rates

You will be able to fix your electricity costs, leveling out your monthly costs.

Add value to your home

Invest in your most valuable asset.

Take advantage of tax credits

A 30% federal tax credit in 2018/19 is available.

Drastically reduce or eliminate your electric bill

Depending on your usage, roof availability and roof orientation, you could reduce or eliminate your electric bill.

Get a return on Investment

Most customers will see a much greater “ROI” than a bank can offer.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Solar is the ultimate renewable energy. We will always have the power of the sun.

Save Money

When your system is fully paid for, you will receive years of free energy from your system! Imagine, no electric bill!

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