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Solar Power Company in Bloomsburg, PA

At SunPulse we take pride in educating homeowners on the benefits of switching to solar power. Going solar reduces your carbon footprint by generating clean, renewable energy, letting you do your part for the environment and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Solar is the ultimate in renewable energy; we always have the power of the sun.

Saving money is important too. Solar systems drastically reduce electricity bills and enable you to avoid fluctuating electricity rates. With help from our solar power company in Bloomsburg, PA, you can level out your monthly costs. Depending on your usage, roof space, and roof orientation, you could even eliminate your electric bill.

Not only a source of energy efficient heating, but solar panels also add value to your home, and you can't go wrong investing in your most valuable asset. Take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit available for 2018 and 2019. And you'll get a better return on your investment than any bank can provide. Once your system is fully paid for, you get free energy for many years. Just imagine having no electric bill!

Solar Power Company in Boomsburg, PA

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Energy Efficient Heating in Boomsburg, PA

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Energy Efficient Heating in Boomsburg, PA


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About Us

SunPulse offers the same products as the big solar companies, but with a smaller solar power company like ours, you can enjoy a superior level of personal service. We sit down with you to discuss your options and share our expert knowledge. Our solar service sells itself. We provide the education, and you decide if going solar makes sense for you. Get a quality solar system installed with careful attention to detail.

In addition to providing top-quality solar systems, we install solar-suitable roofing when required. We also install standby generators for cloudy days, and we offer battery storage systems as well.

Luke Amick, our president, leads a team with more than 20 years of combined experience working in the solar industry. As a Bloomsburg, PA, based full-service solar panel company, we serve the surrounding area and offer our services to residential, commercial, and agricultural clients.

Solar Financing Options

When you pay your electric bill every month, it goes into the electric company's infrastructure. Invest in your own structure instead. SunPulse offers financing plans with payments that are close to the amount of your electric bill. Your system offsets what you pay the utility company, and you get additional advantages such as tax cuts. Why pay for power when you can generate your own energy efficient electricity?

We partner with finance companies to make it easy for you to go solar with no upfront costs. If you're approved for financing, you will not have to make a cash outlay as in the past. You get an unsecured loan with the interest rate locked in. Financial institutions we work with include InterBank and Sungage Financial. These companies are used to financing solar systems; many local banks are not. We have arranged financing options to cater to the needs of our solar clients.


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