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SunPulse has an FAQ page to provide further information to potential clients. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to give us a call.

How Do Solar Panels Actually Work?

Solar panels are made out of conductive materials. When the sun's rays hit them, the panel creates DC power. The DC power is converted to AC power to use in your home.

Does the System Work on Cloudy or Snowy Days?

Solar panels are designed to work with UV rays. Just like you can get a tan on a cloudy day, the panels can generate power on a cloudy day. Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to create energy.

What If the Power Goes Out?

The system will shut down automatically. It's a matter of safety. If it didn't, the system would still try to flow electricity back into the grid. When the power goes out, a whole-house standby generator can power your home.

How are Panels Maintained?

For the most part, the rain and snow in our area will keep your panels clean. If you choose to, you can use a hose and spray them down once a year.

What If I Have To Replace My Roof?

Our highly trained project managers determine how much life is left in your roof. If your roof does need replacing, we recommend that be completed before installation. Once installed, solar panels actually extend the life of your roof by protecting it against the elements.

Will a Solar System Increase the Value of My Home?

Absolutely! The increase in property value varies based on the system size, market conditions, and property location.

Do Solar Systems Benefit the Environment?

Solar power is clean, renewable energy. When you go solar, you no longer rely on dirty energy generated from coal or gas fossil fuels.

How Do I Know if My Home Qualifies for Solar?

For optimal energy flow, solar panels should face south. But facing your solar panels east or west also works. And it's important that you do not have trees close to your home that create shade on your roof. Call us today and get a free site analysis from one of our project managers.