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Curious about how solar actually works? In short: the sun shines, the solar panels harness energy from the sun, and that energy flows into your home. Sunlight and the power it possesses are always available, even on a cloudy day. Whatever energy you don’t use from the panels is then diverted to the grid, which earns you credit. We’ll give you a more in-depth explanation below. Once you have a good idea of how solar works, turn to SunPulse Solar for cost-saving solar services in Bloomsburg, PA.

Solar Energy 101

Individual cells that are mounted together in a frame make up the photovoltaic modules (also known as “solar panels”) you've seen on roofs. When sunlight hits the PV cells, it creates direct current (DC) electricity. Components in your solar energy system then convert the DC into alternating current (AC). This form of energy enters your home or business for use, and any overages are pushed out into the grid, which credits you for kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy that were not consumed.

Money-Saving Solar Energy

Your energy consumption is measured in kWh. This is checked through your typical net metering service. After having your solar energy system installed, you’ll start to notice your annual average (which shows up on your utility bill) decrease, which means your solar panels are doing their job. If you’re interested in learning more, Contact us to request a free site analysis for your home or business and learn how to lower your electricity bill in an eco-friendly way.