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Residential Solar Services in Bloomsburg, PA

Residential Solar Services in Bloomsburg, PA

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SunPulse can handle all your solar power needs. We install roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems, as well as roofing, generators, and battery storage systems. Our company specializes in residential solar services in Bloomsburg, PA.

Roof-Mounted Systems

Roof mounting continues to be one of the most popular solutions for homeowners and business owners who want to go solar. Let's face it, what else are you doing with your roof? Let it generate the energy you need to operate your home or business.

While many installers only mount on asphalt shingle roofs, we know that homeowners are choosing other roofing materials such as metal, rubber, and rolled roofs. If you have a non-shingle roof, have no worries! We can custom design a roof-mounted system for almost any roof type. One of our project managers will be happy to assess your available space and the orientation of your roof to ensure that roof mounted solar panels make sense for your property.

Solar Panel Installation in Bloomsburg, PA

Roofing When Required

At SunPulse, we know that a good solar panel installation starts on a good roof. That's why we assess your roof before we start. If your roof is within 5-10 years of being replaced, we have a team of roofers who provide this service. You can choose from a wide variety of materials and prices to fit your budget. The good news is that you can roll this cost into the project and claim 30% as part of the solar investment tax credit. You calculate your allowance by measuring the portion of the roofing on which solar panels are installed. The tax credit saves you additional money on upgrading your property.

Solar Panels in Bloomsburg, PA

Ground-Mounted Systems

Not all roofs are the same. Sometimes the architectural features, size of the roof, or orientation toward the sun can prevent a roof mounted installation. For homes or businesses with available land space, ground mounted solar panels is a great solution. The panels can be placed at optimal tilt and angle toward the south to generate energy most efficiently. This solution often makes sense for properties with higher electrical demands.

Standby Generators

When the utility company's power goes out, your solar panels will not feed energy into your home or the grid. A shut down is a necessary safety precaution for utility workers trying to restore the grid. SunPulse offers partial and whole-house solutions to keep the lights on even when the utilities are down.

Battery Backup

Energy needs to flow, and if the grid goes down, there is nowhere for your power to go. We offer backup battery storage systems, and each system is custom-sized to meet usage requirements. In the event of a grid outage, your solar equipment can still operate by flowing the energy into battery storage. A battery system stores your power for later use and eliminates the need for a standby generator.