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Solar Panel Installation in Bloomsburg, PA

Solar Panel Installation in Bloomsburg, PA

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Energy costs keep going up, but you can keep them in check at your home through solar panel installation in Bloomsburg, PA. Our team at SunPulse Solar will do the job for you. Switching to solar from other forms of power is an excellent option for reducing your electric bill while also doing your part to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Concept to Completion

We provide support for your solar installation project from the earliest stages to the moment when the power starts flowing into your home. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians have the training, tools, and practical know-how to handle every aspect of helping you harness the sun's power. When you make us your solar installer at SunPulse Solar, you can depend on us to take care of:

  • Site Visit
  • Permitting
  • Setting up the Scaffolding
  • Installing the Solar Panel Mounts
  • Installing the Solar Panels
  • Wiring the Solar Panels
  • Installing the Solar Inverter
  • Bonding Solar Inverter & Solar Battery
  • Connecting the Inverter to the Consumer Unit
  • Starting & Testing the Solar Panels

Contact us today at SunPulse Solar, and we’ll be happy to conduct a free site analysis for solar panel installation and help you select the best setup for your home.